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What happened?

Hi everyone!

If you’re here reading this, maybe you’re thinking something looks different?

Well, the truth is, my site got hacked! I had been running PGS for about 6 months when one day I discovered it had been hacked, which included overwriting all my posts. Unfortunately I didn’t catch it in time to be able to restore the back-up and thus my posts were lost 🙁

However, the site hadn’t been running that long and luckily not a lot of good information was lost. So for 2018 my aim is to make this site bigger and better, starting afresh!

So what’s new?

I picked up a new-to-me Singer from 1898.

I started working for fashion company ASOS, aka my dream job (and topping up my dream wardrobe)

I got myself my dream machine; Janome Atelier 5. Finally I can do embroidery! It’s got all the bells and whistles like a knee lifter, automatic thread cutter, and more! Very exciting.

I’m so looking forward for what 2018 brings…

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