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Wardrobe Planning for 2018

Plus Girl Sews - Sewing With A Plan

Hello everyone, my first post of 2018 and finally kicking off the blog a bit more!

This year I have decided to partake in a bit of SWAP, otherwise known as “Sewing with a plan”. Often I jump around making things that appeal to me in the moment but don’t really go together. In 2018, my aim is to keep my wardrobe strictly to the things I truly enjoy and wear regularly, hence trying to plan a bit better.

Plus Girl Sews - Sewing with a plan

The Rules

A few rules are useful to keep things going in the right direction, though I’m not being strict.

1. Keep to a colour palette that works

This isn’t too hard for me. I love dark colours. I typically wear black, grey, burgundy, dark green or navy. Very rarely I’ll add a bit of red to the mix but generally I keep it quite dark and neutral.

2. Two tops, two jackets, two bottoms, two dresses

Keeping to these 8 items should mean a possibility of many different outfits. If everything is in the same palette, then everything goes together! Of course the only incompatible items are the dresses as they can only be worn with the jackets but that’s OK!

3. Keep pattern to a minimum

One of each item can be patterned but the others should be neutral. I’m definitely planning to stick to this rule with my projects.

4. Make stuff you’ll actually wear

That’s it. The idea here is to make things you’ll actually wear in the now. Not for a distant occasion that may never happen, or for a body shape that is not you. My intention is to make a number of garments that will work for who I am now.

My Plans

I am going to go through writing my plans in a slightly more structured way, but here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts:

I’m going to aim to use stash fabrics and patterns where possible. I have plenty in my stash that will go with my colour palette and I have so many patterns too! I might have to buy a few linings or notions but I’m hoping to make the bulk of my wardrobe from stash.

I also want to make items that will work through a few different climates. The thicker jacket I have in mind may well be winter only, but other items should work with various levels of warm or cool clothing (e.g tights/leggings/bare legs). The advantage of British weather is you can get away with a wool coat in August sometimes!

I hope you enjoy following me on my Sewing With A Plan journey!

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