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SWAKOP 2018: Sewing with a kind of plan

The very first Sewing With A Kind Of Plan (SWAKOP) sewalong has come to cheap augmentin 875 and it’s the first time I’m actually going to try and get involved!

SWAKOP comes from the original SWAP (Sewing With A Plan, the Americans are far better at commitment it seems than us Brits on TSP) held over at Stitcher’s Guild. When it was suggested for TSP we decided we all preferred the idea of it being a bit looser than the original. The sewalong will run from May to October and therefore nicely incorporate a few different seasons. Not that we don’t get a few different seasons over the course of a month here in the UK.

The concept is fairly simple, much simpler at least than previous sudoku style challenges I’ve done that involve matching rows of garments together into outfits.

The SWAKOP “collection” as it’s called doesn’t all have to be totally wearable together, it’s more about getting a set of items that fit into a certain theme and style. Swapping between groups is a bonus of course, but ultimately it’s about making 3-4 full outfits.

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I started with a moodboard of colours and feelings (plus some garments I just really liked) and came out with this:

cheap augmentin

This moodboard contains a few accessories I actually own (the straw bag, red sunglasses, favourite lipstick, Puma floral trainers) and I quickly established that I really love blue, but that red is a great accent colour for me. I don’t like to wear a lot of red but it works well in small doses (accessories, shoes, make-up).

Cobalt is a really beautiful shade and I seem to have quite a few cobalt fabrics in my stash along with plenty of navy and chambray colours. Reds I only have a few in stash, but I think by using them wisely I should be able to make a beautiful capsule wardrobe.

There is also the option of dropping red out of the palette for a particular group/outfit and going for a very classic navy/white/black combo which is stylish and easy to wear. It always works pretty well in my current wardrobe!

SWAKOP Fabrics

Pretty much every item I plan to make is coming from existing stash fabric. I’m a fabric-first person generally. Sometimes I do find a pattern I really want to make but for the most part the fabric speaks to me first.


Stretch goal fabrics:

SWAKOP Pattern Selections

I have most of the patterns needed in my stash already but this is the area most likely to change, as I sometimes find patterns don’t work for me that well until I actually make a start!

The patterns here correspond, in order, to the fabrics above:

SWAKOP Group Ideas

Here are some of my ideas, in visual form of course! Things will change, I expect.

SWAKOP ideas
SWAKOP fabrics and pattern ideas

And some accessories – I think pulling all these pictures really made me realise how much of my wardrobe fits into a certain colour scheme, haha.

SWAKOP accessories
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