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Sew Fitography Sloper Review: Part Two

Sew Fitography Sloper Review

If you haven’t yet read my first part review of Sew Fitography, check it out here to get an understanding of what the software is all about.

Sewing up the sloper

The first pattern I downloaded with my provided credits was the sloper, as obviously it’s what I want most from the program (the patterns, while some are really good looking, generally aren’t my style). It’s also a good place to start to get an idea of the total fit of the outline that has been generated for me. So today I sewed up the sloper in some cotton sateen.

I printed out the asymmetrical version which means that all the pieces are full, rather than being cut on the fold. This was great for a first try on but I think that I may just go for the on-the-fold version next printout because it does take longer to put together and I’m not asymmetrical enough to warrant the extra time (it’s a great selling feature of the software if you are though).

The sloper went together pretty quickly. There are lots of darts which I appreciate. The double darts in the skirt are what I feel gives a really excellent fit. If you are plus sized, more darts are usually more flattering and fitting because it spreads fullness and curvy-ness over more seams, giving a less angular look.

The fit is probably the closest I’ve ever got to a well fitting sloper and trust me, I’ve tried a TONNE. Seriously. I’ve never got this close to perfect before. I’m so pleased.

First off, it’s a little bit tight all over. I had just eaten a massive plate of tabouleh and humous right before I tried this on, so that probably didn’t help. But I think I need to increase the ease all over. Luckily this is really easy in the software!

Sew Fitography Sloper Review

The only problematic fit of the sloper is the shoulders. I kinda knew this would be the area most difficult to fit. I have narrow shoulders and quite a hollow chest, and am often left with pools of fabric all around the shoulders. I can definitely pinch out a few inches here and this is where the sloper needs the most attention.

I’m so so so happy about the fit at the back. Though it’s a little tight, I can tell that it’s curving in to my lower back and back out again over my bum just perfectly, a fit I very rarely get right. But I’ll wait until I get the perfect fitting sloper before I show you that…

Next part will hopefully show you some further adjustments to get this fitting fantastically.

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