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Sew Fitography Review: Part One

Sew Fitography Review

cheap augmentin 875, what on earth is that? I came along this software last year when researching alternate options for slopers.

Slopers, just as a brief aside, are a step up from a garment block. They are the bare bones of most different patterns. A dress sloper typically consists of a straight pencil type skirt, a darted bodice with a tight round neck and a long sleeve. From this you can extend into full skirts, short sleeves, changing necklines, different fits. The options are pretty much limitless!

cheap augmentin 875 Software

The buy cheap augmentin costs 30USD/£21.50 and this includes download credits for two patterns (I chose the sloper as my first). The company offers loads of patterns, with special attention to trousers in lots of fits, but there are some cute dresses and tops too.

Technically, that’s all you need to get started. However I decided to purchase the optional outlining service for a further £21.50. It’s a bit of an expense, but honestly I felt like I wanted to get the best experience from the software so going with the pro was the way to go.

cheap augmentin 875 Photographs

This is a bit of a two-man job though it’s technically perfectly possible alone. It took about an hour and a half so I recommend setting some time aside.

In order to get the pictures translating into the software you need to mark yourself up. This is mainly achieved with tape but also a piece of waste elastic. I won’t go into the details of where to tape as it’s all specified in the handy user guide. But it’s useful to have a friend to keep it all straight and even.

I also chose to do the photographs in my underwear, but you can do it in a leotard too. I won’t share the full pictures with you as, honestly, I’m not that comfortable with underwear shots on the internet on the best day but these pictures are pretty horrible as they’re at such an oblique angle. Anyway, here is a blurred version to help you at least get the idea…

Sew Fitography Review

Eight of these photos were sent to the Fitography outline service and in just two days I received back my outline file. This was then loaded up into the program.

All I can say is wow. I couldn’t get over the fact that all my lumps and bumps were there, in the drawing that would then influence my sloper. It really does look just like me. Look at that swayback! Look at that long sloping bust and hollow chest! Yessssss.

Sew Fitography Review

The next stage is to load the sloper file onto the outline. It’s pretty easy to navigate the software. Unfortunately it’s Windows only so if you’re on Mac you’ll have to find a friend or run it in something like Parallels.

Sew Fitography Review

From here, I was able to quickly get my sloper pattern laid out on the screen. You can rearrange the layout and adjust the page options to choose how you want to print the pattern. Then it’s off to the classic cut-and-tape-together so familiar with PDF patterns.

In my next part I’ll sew up the sloper and we’ll see how it fits in relation to my photographs!

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