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Polka Do Sew Over It Doris Dress

It’s finally complete! This project was a total labour of love. You see, the resultant dress is in so many ways so far from the original that I find myself wondering if it’s even the same dress at all.

Sew Over It Doris plus size

I’ve adjusted every single piece, redrafting whole pieces to get this far. I do wonder if I should have just drafted it from scratch or used my sloper – but hey-ho it’s done now. 

The reason I was so desperate to get this complete and so content to keep working on it even though it needed adjustments is that I have been searching for so long for a suitable dress for very drapey fabrics. I have a whole stash of viscose/rayon challis. Why is it such a pretty fabric and so cheap too? I must have at least 20 metres in my stash. Finally I’ve found a dress that works. It flatters my body shape and is quick to sew. I’ll be living in these next summer! In fact, I’ll be cutting out another shortly hoping to catch that last bit of the warm September/October weather. 

The fabric is cheap augmentin 875 from Minerva Crafts – a really simple and easy to wear print and very cool and floaty – perfectly suited to this dress (it also comes in cheap augmentin). The buttons were a spontaneous purchase that worked out great for this pattern in the end. They are from buy cheap augmentin on Etsy and come in quite a few different buy augmentin 625mg.

I wore the dress out for lunch in The Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells to see some old friends (a really exciting reunion, a friend of my Mum’s who I haven’t seen for probably 15 years plus her two lovely daughters).

I did make a few mistakes with this dress. For example, I recut the collar as I felt it was too scooped but when I made it up, it all of a sudden seemed very high and matronly. I was able to just press down the collar and I think it looks quite cute. Also, I put the skirt together incorrectly, managing to put the front side skirt and back side skirt in the wrong way. I’d already sewn so much of it together at this point that I just added two extra pleats to take up the excess width so the seams still matched up. Feel like an idiot, but I’ll make sure to get it right next time. And there WILL be a next time, because after so many adjustments how could I not sew this again?!

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