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I currently own six machines, oops! Over the years I have swapped between several machines but nowadays, I only really use two regularly. That is one main sewing machine and one overlocker.

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Nicknamed The Splurge by its original owner, friend and fellow stitcher Iminei who I run the sewing forum cheap augmentin my buy cheap augmentin is my far my most favourite machine. It’s a wonderful machine and one of the most top-spec ones I’ve ever been lucky enough to own!

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I have had this wonderful overlocker for approximately one year and it has revolutionsed my sewing! I sew so much more jersey since I purchased this machine. It runs wonderfully smoothly and has really helped me make some beautiful, wearable garments.

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Toyota Oekaki Renaissance

This was a crazy fun machine to use. It was my main machine for many years. The Oekaki is a special machine as you can do freehand embroidery on it with differing thickness of stitch. It sounds weird, but it’s great fun. You can “draw” with this machine as much as you like!

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Toyota Super Jeans

The Super Jeans is such a sleek looking machine. I love this machine because of the Super Jeans technology. It can sew over so many layers with little problem.

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Toyota Designs For Living Expert

This machine stood by me for a long time though I don’t use it so much anymore! It is an incredibly strong machine and saw me through some tough projects with lots of layers. Plus, butterflies! Why not?

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