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Mismatching Spots – Sewspiration

Every now and again I see a trend that I just cannot wait to jump on. I know the old saying trend is fleeting, style is forever but that doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t just want to enjoy something in the moment. Working in ASOS Head Office trends really are noticeable so it can be fun to feel pat of the crowd!

I recently saw a trend for mismatched prints and absolutely love the look, but didn’t particularly see any garments I liked. Though there are a few things in the Plus-Size sections, I am always so wary of wrap tops as they tend to be too big in the bust but too small in the hips. So I’d love to make my own.


There are loads of garments like this around, but I especially love the variance in both size of spots, and also putting together different colours. Black and white is definitely the most popular pairing.

My favourite from the bunch was this plus sized jumpsuit (the leg part is plain black). I love the big sleeves, but this style of jumpsuit isn’t really my style and that wrap worries me – they never fit in RTW. My narrow shoulders and large chest just cause so many problems!

Fabric Inspiration

The fabric is really the most difficult thing about making something like this. You need to be able to match the weights as closely as possible. The easiest way to do this, I figured, was to find a fabric in multiple colourways but using the same substrate. This is easy in things like quilting cottons but so much harder in drapey dress fabrics!

I did manage to find this pairing on Minerva – a spanish stretch crepe in two different colourways. Getting different sized spots is probably going to be nigh on impossible but I can settle for these cute little polkas. It also has a small amount of stretch, so totally easy to fit! The only downside is that it is polyester. But I think using a natural lining for the bodice will help pull the fabric off the skin and make it more comfortable.

Spanish Small Spots Stretch Crepe Dress Fabric from Minerva Crafts

I’ve got a number of pattern ideas for this, but I think a frilly dress is going to be the one. Something with lots of pieces and interest like McCalls 7785 or M7781

What do you think?

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