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Lekala 5712 in Black Faux Fur

Lekala 5712

Sometimes I just get an idea into my head that I need something in my wardrobe and it won’t go away. After spending a few weeks lusting after short, black faux fur coats on eBay (and losing one bid) I decided if I wanted it, I was just going to have to sew one…

So started the search for a faux fur I was actually happy to wear.

Faux fur is one of those things that can so easily look tacky and nasty if bought cheaply. I found some really gorgeous examples and ordered plenty of samples, but some were easily £30+. For a full jacket I knew I’d need a few metres and the idea of paying nearly £100 for a jacket I’d have to make myself wasn’t particularly enticing.

Luckily I found the perfect fabric with one of my sample orderings. It was also one of the cheapest at £15 per metre. cheap augmentin 875 seem to be wholesalers of all sorts of faux fur and their 10mm “plush” was exactly what I wanted. It was very dense, very smooth and didn’t look too plasticky or tacky (though it does look a little shiny under bright light). It was on a woven base and pretty easy to sew with.

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I read a lot of guides on how to sew faux fur but ultimately didn’t find it that hard. I cut it from the back, so as not to trim away too much of the fuzzy length but to be honest with only 10mm pile I wasn’t really damaging it even if I did cut from the front. When sewing, it went together pretty much the same as any other fabric does and didn’t even need much more pinning than normal fabric. I didn’t find it crept at all under the foot. The only extra task I needed to do was to “pull” the hairs out of the seams once sewn. I used a pin and pulled upwards at the seams to release any sewn-down hairs that were stuck. Doing this took a while (and good eyesight) but once done it makes the seams much more fluffy and nice to look at.

For the lining I used some crepe backed satin from the stash. I think it is actually silk, which I’m sure wasn’t what the seller advertised when I got it from a stash-sale on eBay. It’s such nice fabric and makes the jacket really comfortable to wear even with bare arms as it isn’t sticky like polyester.

I also added a small pocket with an exposed zip inside. The pocket bag uses some scraps of Liberty cotton I had. The only thing I wished I’d done was used black cotton for the facing as you can just see the green peeking out. To close the jacket I added cheap augmentin which bury and hide in the fur fabric pretty easily. 

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Lekala 5712 Fur Jacket

Overall I’m pretty happy with buy cheap augmentin though I found the construction quite difficult. I’ve sewn jackets with collars before but never with an attached facing. In buy augmentin 875, the facing is part of the front and is simple folded over. My guess is because this gives a nicer edge to the front of the jacket being faux fur… a seam here wouldn’t look as nice. This did make bagging the jacket really confusing however. I left the back of the neck open (attached just one side of the collar) so I had somewhere to pull it through. I got in a right muddle and must’ve unpicked various seams about four or five times, but I got there in the end, thankfully! I ladder-stitched the cuffs closed to the lining. I think there probably is a proper way to do sleeve cuffs when bagging a jacket but by then I just wanted to turn the thing through so it was easier to do it by hand (I actually quite enjoy hand-stitching).

Lekala 5712

Thanks to my colleague Becca for taking these pics up Camden High Street for me.