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Butterick 6312 Jumpsuit Take Two Review and Design Adjustments

Butterick 6312

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You know it’s a good pattern when you can’t wait to make it again, and that was so true with Butterick 6312, the See & Sew jumpsuit pattern from Butterick. I’m really happy that I was inspired to make this by WhatKatieSews on Instagram, and I today got a new follower tell me she is going to make it too! We’re passing along the inspiration!

Jumpsuit Inspiration

Butterick 6312

For this version of Butterick 6312 I decided to try a few small changes to make it look a little smarter, less casual. I spent some time reviewing jumpsuit styles on ASOS and there are tonnes that have a smarter style. Particularly I saw a lot of collars, cuffs and wide sash belts.

I really liked the idea of a small cuff on the sleeve. The sleeve on my previous Butterick 6312 is probably the “weakest” area for me. It just looks a little short and plain. I really liked the little rolled up cuff on the red variant in the picture above.

I did consider a collar but realised I was probably biting off more than I could chew at this stage (that would involve some sort of wrap opening… something I’m not really in the mood to draft) but I decided to take some inspiration from the cuffs and waist ties.

I also saw this amazing jumpsuit with a sewn-in self-fabric belt. When I wore my original Butterick 6312 I found having to wear a belt with it so annoying when I needed to pee! So the idea of having a belt that is sewn in and only pulled on the front seemed so much easier for being able to zip in and out (note to self: don’t wear jumpsuit whilst at a four course gin-drinking event). The picture is a little dark, I hope you can see it!

Butterick 6312

Butterick 6312 Adjustments and New Design Features

To sew the cuffs I drafted two 2 inch wide strips contoured to the curvy sleeve hem, that would encompass the hem. I did not interface them as I wanted them to be lightweight and loose. After I attached them, I stitched at the underarm seam to keep them from unfolding, leaving the top edge free so that it could “hang” away from the sleeve.

For the belt I drafted rectangular ties with a 45 degree ribbon cut at each end. I interfaced the back pieces and left the front pieces unfaced. I inserted these into the side seams just above the pockets. I decided to topstitch the edges of the ties as I wanted them to stay pressed together and also thought it looked a little smarter.

I decided to do the same exposed zip like last time. The zip is a standard YKK metal zip and is good quality. I had to sew the end closed however. Luckily the jumpsuit is loose enough that I can generally pull it upwards to get a few inches unzipped at the neck, and then pull it downwards to finish unzipping. I haven’t had a problem getting in and out of it, though I do have to undo the waist ties to loosen it first.

Exposed zip opening on the seamline

The ring pull came from eBay and it’s was only £2.99 – adding a custom zip pull is something I’ve never considered before but I love that it’s a small detail that makes the garment extra special.

Finished Garment

I’m really pleased with the overall garment. It’s very comfortable and I love the extra details. The only change I’d make is that I think I need a bigger bust size, as I’m getting some doming and drag lines. But only really when I’m standing up properly straight! I expect different bras will give different results (more excuses to wear my bralets and shed the uncomfortable underwires?)

Butterick 6312
Butterick 6312
Butterick 6312
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