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An Etsy Gift Guide for Sewists

Never know what you want for Christmas? How about sneakily sending this list to a loved one to help them choose this year?

For me, I love receiving Christmas gifts but sometimes I feel guilty about the mountain of pretty trinkets and objects I’m given each year. I appreciate the love and the thought that went into them, but then they sit and gather dust. Instead of little tchotchkes I’ve always loved receiving small, useful sewing gifts. And some of my most loved and used items have come from Etsy!

Party ring pattern weights

This is most definitely my most used gift and you’ll see them all across the blog in various pictures. My auntie gave me this adorable party-ring pattern weights (no, not donuts) for Christmas a few years ago and I use them every time I trace and cut. They’re fairly lightweight and small. I keep them in a little gourmandises tin for an extra sweet treat when sewing. And they do loads of them! Cakes, biscuits and more. cheap augmentin 875

Rose gold dressmaking shears and embroidery scissors

Everybody needs a good pair of dressmaker’s shears but why do they have to be boring? These rose gold shears are so instagrammable (OK OK, we want quality too, but a pretty gram grid can’t hurt either). They’ll last for years to come and won’t collect dust! And they come with a cute thimble and pair of embroidery scissors. cheap augmentin

Traditional and authentic espadrille soles

No I’m not crazy, you really can extend your sewing passion right down to your feet. These soles usually come with patterns to help you draw up the fabric part of the shoe. They come in loads of different heights and your imagination really is the limit. You could easily make a pair of rope-lace sandals with cotton braid all the way up to your knees, or keep it simple with a classic espadrille shape. Great for using up small scraps of cotton too. These ones are genuine makes from Spain. buy cheap augmentin

Panel Undies PDF Pattern

Great as a gift for someone far away, PDF patterns can be sent digitally and might inspire a new project. Something quick and easy like the well-loved Panel Undies is a great universal pattern and yet another way to use up small jersey scraps too good for the bin. buy augmentin 625mg

Lasercut Wooden Scissor Necklace

We’ve already talked about a sewist’s attachment to their scissors. This pretty necklace lasercut from wood is perfect for wearing over a me-made breton top or pretty dress. buy augmentin 875.

Costume Department Room Sign

The perfect way to let everyone know what lies behind your sewing room door. This isn’t just a sewing room, this is the place that we make unique creations to dress who we want to be today. Whether that’s a crazy ballgown or a simple comfy jumper, this sign is a cute spin on a traditional sewing room sign (and I totally already have this sign in my house…). buy augmentin.

WiFi Password Cross Stitch Pattern

Another digital pattern that could be upgraded by bundling the pattern with all the correct threads needed to make it… I love this “Wifi Sweet Wifi” crossstitch – your guests won’t need to bug you for the password anymore, always a win! And it’d be a fun stitch to make during that Christmas and New Year lost week. buy augmentin uk.

Bra Making Kit with fabrics

The best thing about these bra making kits is that they don’t include the pattern or underwires so you don’t need to guess anything about your giftee. They simply take the hard work out of getting all the little notions needed for bra-making. I’ve always wanted to make myself a bra (and have a small stash of lace waiting for the day I do!) and these kits are so lust-worthy. buy augmentin 625.

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